Being the country’s national university and the leading academic institution of higher learning, the University of the Philippines (UP) has been known for its numerous and remarkable contributions to various fields of study through research and development, and the home of many renowned researchers and scientists whose scientific works have been recognized globally. The endeavors of the UP to further contribute to the scientific community are fulfilled through the support of various institutions and agencies that likewise value science and believe in its vital role in developing a nation.

One of the agencies that has been giving major support to the UP for many years is the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), which is the country’s executive department responsible for the promotion and assistance of science and technology-related projects in the Philippines, noting that the UP is the biggest recipient of its projects.

To celebrate the scientific projects and accomplishments of the UP, the DOST will be holding “AghamBayan: A DOST-UP Science Technology and Innovation Festival”, which will showcase the top 40 DOST-funded projects implemented by the UP System, on June 20 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC). Both the scientific communities of the UP and the DOST and their contributions to the nation will be showcased at the festival.

Expected to attend the event are researchers and faculty members of higher education institutions and research universities, policymakers, relevant government agencies, industry leaders and technology adapters, technology entrepreneurs and start-ups, investors, and the local government units.

The one-day festival will have venues for exhibition/display of scientific works classified into four themes (health and well-being, environment, food and agriculture, and human resource/job creation); and a conference with short panel discussions and break-out sessions to expound on the policy implications, utilization, and uses of scientific research and innovations that benefit the public. Furthermore, there will be poster exhibits, tech demonstration corners, and help desks.

The event will be hosted by Prof. Pinky Aseron of the UP College of Mass Communication, and will have journalist and television host Ms. Kara David as moderator.

Science for non-scientists could be overwhelming and intimidating, often making ordinary people overlook the benefits of a nation’s scientific endeavors primarily intended for the public good. Thus, AghamBayan hopes to make the public appreciate and become more aware of the value of science through the inspiring stories of the scientific community and successful projects that help in uplifting the lives of ordinary Filipinos. The festival also hopes to become a venue for researchers and industry leaders to collaborate on prospective scientific engagements, as well as explore opportunities for technology adaption.

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